Flagship Sonoma Food and Wine Tour Celebrates

Sonoma Food and Wine Tour
Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary on Sonoma’s Downtown Plaza

Sonoma, California – On Thursday, April 21st, Gourmet Food and Wine Tours will celebrate two years as the first food & wine tour on the Sonoma Plaza. The Sonoma Chamber of Commerce will conduct a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to commemorate the occasion which will immediately be followed by the flagship Sonoma Food & Wine Tour. To honor the community in which the tour and company were born, a discount of 40% will apply for tours this day only.

Event Details:

When: Thursday, April 21, 2016; 1PM Ribbon Cutting, 2-5PM Flagship Tour
Where: Sonoma Plaza, In front of Rose Garden
Discount Code: LOCAL40
Book at: gourmetfoodandwinetours.com

In 2014 Renee ReBell asked top restaurants like The girl & the fig and El Dorado Kitchen to participate in a premier food tour which would feature a sampling from their restaurants paired with small production local wines. ReBell had become enchanted with the idea coming from the wine industry and after taking her first food tour the year prior in Chicago with her daughter. ReBell’s instinct proved correct, and her business has grown quickly to include tours in Sonoma, Napa, Sausalito and Tiburon.

“Renee is full of historical facts about early California that she shared while introducing us to the top restaurants where premiere chefs presented their signature dishes. The tour takes you all around Sonoma Square, so samplings are interspersed with great tales of Sonoma’s colorful past.”

Other Sonoma Plaza establishments that are incorporated regularly on the Sonoma Food & Wine Tour include Delhi Belly Bistro, BV Whiskey Bar & Grille, La Bodega / Sonoma Wine Shop and The Chocolate Cow. A second tour offered is the Wine Me Dine Me Tour that offers 4- courses paired with local wines at Oso Sonoma with a finishing flight at either Pangloss Cellars or The Adobe with Three Sticks Wines.

About Gourmet Food and Wine Tours: GFWT specializes in walking, historic food tours that feature both farm-to-table food and premier, local wines in destination towns with a concentration of award winning restaurants. Tours are currently offered in Napa (Yountville), Sausalito and Tiburon as well as Sonoma.

Regular Sonoma Food & Wine Details:
When: Thursdays – Mondays or available by appointment any day for groups of 4 or more
Time: Tours start at either 11 or 2 PM
Duration: 3 hours and 10 minutes
Price: $110 per person

Contact: Renee ReBell 415-250-2273, renee@gourmetfoodandwinetours.com, http://www.gourmetfoodandwinetours.com #gourmetrenee111 #gourmetrenee

Links: YELP & Trip Advisor

Our Remarkable Food & Wine Partners


Gourmet Food & Wine Tours started because, like most anyone who would care to read a food-ish blog, I appreciate good food and better wine. Not only have I lived in the North Bay for 23-years, I frequented these destination locations on a regular basis. Like sliding doors, I have seen and experienced the evolution of the tried and true restaurants over time and witnessed many a new eatery take their position among 5-star-worthy places to wine and dine in the North Bay.

Clusters of deliciousness exist with exceptional service in key towns, so I approached the restaurants I felt would not only lend stand-out gourmet food and wine, but would be friendly, appreciate additional guests and offer a diverse sense of ambiance at each stop.

All of the restaurants I originally started with in the spring of 2014 all are still valued partners today. Gourmet Food and Wine Tours is grateful for the amazing chefs, winemakers, proprietors, management and staff that make our culinary experience one people want to attend again and again. See our list of partners on our website.

Go Gourmet for Valentine’s Day in Sonoma

In the last two years of conducting the Sonoma Food and Wine Tour, the most busy day of the year is without a doubt Valentine’s Day.  It is the only day of the year we nod to the girl & the fig, fully understanding that we will enjoy our dish from the Plaza bringing Bubbly from Burgundy to pair perfectly with our delicious custom cheese plate with spiced nuts and seasonal fruit. Last year all of our couples were thrilled with this option under the Sonoma Sunshine. This year, we will build a plan B just in case it continues to rain!

Smiling young couple in love
The most romantic day of the year

Valentine’s Day lands on a Sunday.  Couples can take advantage of the whole weekend and impress their loved-ones with an amazing packaged gift from our Gourmet Food and Wine Tour in the Sonoma Plaza. The tour will be offered Friday through Sunday of Valentine’s Day Weekend and each tour will last 3+ hours. To maintain a small-group feel, this year the tour is limited to four couples each day. In addition to visiting top restaurants and tasting rooms, a bottle of  biodynamic Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon or Burgundian Bubbles will be provided to each couple to enjoy at their leisure. (wine =$30).

Lazing on a sunny afternoon
Celebrate Love!




Organic Olive Oil Tasting

Figone's Olive Oil Co. - 04

One of the favorite stops on our Sonoma Food and Wine Tour is Figone’s Olive Oil Company. Guests love to “sip & tip” while they learn the difference between typical and quality, organic oils and 20-year-aged Balsamic Vinegars. This is an excellent “shop stop” for a wide range of healthy, beautiful products. The menu below provides ideas to bring the creativity of Sonoma home to your kitchen. Which Oil will you buy? Bring flavorful oils and Balsamic Vinegars into your own kitchen with Figone’s quarterly club. This experience is equally fun to wine tasting if you are a foodie!

​Figone’s Olive Oil Menu

Mission Manzanillo
Fish, Chicken, Salad, Tomatos, Steamed Vegetables

Tuscan Blend
Grilled Meats, Grilled Vegetables, Soups

Meyer Lemon
Fish, Chicken, Grilled or Steamed Vegetables, Cakes, Cookies

Persian Lime
Shellfish, Seafood Salads, Fish Tacos, Ceviche

Blood Orange
Salads, Duck, Pork, Veal, Lamb, Quail, Rabbit, Cakes, Brownies

Fish, Chicken, Cream Based Soups, Escargot, Bruschetta

What ever your heart desires

Tuscan Herb
Grilled Vegetables, Ribeye Steaks, Pasta Salad, Dipping

Pork, Grilled Meats, Pizza, Soups, Pasta Salad

Pasta, Chicken, Grilled Steaks, Pork, Lamb, Rabbit

Risotto, Grilled Steaks, Fish, Potatoes, Soups, Escargot

Salads, Reduction Sauce, Fish, Grilled Meat, Ice Cream

Drizzle Oil over dish just prior to serving

Figure’s Of California Olive Oil Co. LLC
707-282-9092 http://www.figoneoliveoil.com info@figoneoliveoil.com

To book our Sonoma Food and Wine Tour call 1-800-979-3370 or go to gourmetfoodandwinetours.com to book online.

Chocolate & Lavendar Tours

Inspired by Sonoma’s creativity and obsession with Lavender, Gourmet Food and Wine Tours added this beautiful, fragrant flower to our newest tour on the Sonoma Plaza available for groups of 4 people or more on any day of the week.lav

Now you can treat your friends and loved ones with tours wrapped in a gift certificate or join them yourself to savor the sweeter side of Sonoma.

Chocolate Cow - 03

On this tour you will enjoy Lavender Creme Brûlée, Rose wine paired with Lavender Cheese, Lavender Ice Cream made just for Gourmet Food & Wine Tour, Truffles from two local Chocolatiers, French Bubbles and finally Chocolate dipped Strawberries. More surprises await those that book in the month of November.  For your tickets go to http://www.gourmetfoodandwinetours.com or call 1-909-353-7394.

Gourmet Ghosts with Good Taste

Source: Gourmet Ghosts with Good Taste

How many of you have started a blog and on the second post, accidentally deleted (unknowing) only to discover three days later that there is no content in your post??  Sigh, lets try this once more…

Back by popular demand, Sonoma Food and Wine Tours will be adding Ghost Tours to the mix. Starting the third week of October, we are sprinkling in stories by local author, Carla Heine, who wrote “Sonoma Ghosts.” Last year, our most popular tour ever was led by Carla herself (see photo below). This year she has passed the baton to me, so I have been studying up on paranormal activity surrounding our Sonoma Plaza.

Carla Heine telling a ghost story at the girl & the fig

In 2014, Carla told more stories than we had food stops, so we  had a nice long tour and people could not get enough. We will be including points of interest directly on our route and pointing you to more locations if you wish. Why? Because when it comes to hauntings and ghosts, Sonoma has more than its share! One way to join us is to order the book and read up first. Sonoma Ghosts is available on Amazon and is a very quick read, packed with historic facts as well as recounting the interesting experiences that Carla had growing up in a beautiful but frightening house just one block from the square. You can learn about these stories and so much more in the next couple of weeks.

Book your tour by going to gourmetfoodandwinetours.com or by calling        1-800-979-3370. We are excited to have our ghosty friends join us for our regular gourmet food and wine tour around the Sonoma Plaza.

Sonoma Food and Wine Tour’s One Year Anniversary

This past week marked the One-Year Anniversary for my flagship, tasting, experience tour, “Sonoma Food & Wine Tour” on the Sonoma Plaza.  (say that 5 times fast!)  Now seems a good time to get to work on this blog I have been threatening to write since the company started.  I am so grateful to the hundred’s of guests (over 600!) who entrusted their Wine Country Experience to Gourmet Food & Wine Tours, especially since we were brand new this year. Thank you Yelp and Trip Advisor for helping visitors find me!

the girl & the fig
Jason, manager of the girl & the fig, tells us a story. We love stories on our tour!                                                           Photo Credit to Tanya Constantine

Officially, the tour started a year and a half ago in the Spring of 2014, but due to unexpected life circumstances I was delayed. The Universe felt harvest would be more appropriate time to start a food tour with wine. Fortunately for me and all the visitors who are flocking to Sonoma Proper this year, we have the top restaurants on our tour. We are fortunate enough to work with: the girl and the fig, Oso Sonoma, La Salette, La Bodega, El Dorado Kitchen, Sonoma Wine Shop, Sonoma Cheese Shop, Figone’s Olive Oil Company, The Chocolate Cow, Wine Country Chocolates and a handful of amazing wine tasting rooms, depending on the day, tour and client’s tastes. We have over a dozen partners and offer 9 establishment’s goodies on our afternoon tour and 6/7 on our morning tour.

I give additional gratitude to all the staff and volunteers in the Sonoma Valley Visitor Bureau. They were the ones that encouraged me to start a food tour since nobody else was doing it and they would occasionally get requests. They were very helpful and supportive through my earliest months. *Bit of trivia: My original tour name and DBA in Sonoma was going to be “Sonoma Squared,” but former director Wendy Peterson suggested I change it to Sonoma Food & Wine Tour since someone was using that name already to do occasional walking, historic tours. I happily changed the name, and the rest is history!

Speaking of history, our Sonoma Plaza is as rich in history as it is in boutique wines and delicious farm-to-table food. We cover the El Camino Real, The Bear Flag Republic the Russian River as a Wine AVA and so much more. This month, I even share ghost stories when I am guiding!  But one of my favorite features of the tour is sharing films that enhance guest’s experience after being in Sonoma.  I recommend three wine flicks and am just about to complete my Foodie Film List as well.

Follow me!  Photo credits to the amazing Tanya Constantine of Tanya Constantine Photography.

If after you read this, you want to make recommendations for food and wine films, please do chime in and give me assignments!  I intend to bring readers lots of great content from each destination, highlighting  what is unique and outstanding about each place we visit, the chefs and so much more!

Life is short so eat, drink and be merry!