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3.5 Hours

  • Delicious Downtown

$255 | 3.5 Hours

Embark on an exquisite culinary journey through downtown, where the finest restaurants await to elevate your taste buds with expertly crafted pairings of exquisite wines. Rated among the best Napa tours by US News & World Reports, this immersive experience promises an unparalleled gastronomic adventure as you stroll to the top restaurants, each offering a curated selection of special wines to complement their culinary masterpieces.

  • Groups of 6+

From $198 | 3.5 Hours

Our bayside village boasts a handful of famous restaurants on and near the ferry and is a perfect place to spend the lunch hours exploring the top restaurants with some of the world’s most beautiful views. Similar to some of our Napa Valley tours, this experience is intended as a multi-course lunch with wine pairings. Why go to one restaurant when you can enjoy four? It includes 4 sit-down locations in all, including tasty dessert on the beach!

  • Most Popular

$255 | 3.5 Hours

For an unforgettable day of gastronomic exploration, reserve our Yountville Culinary Tour in California’s prestigious Napa Valley. This well-rounded experience goes beyond a traditional wine tour, offering a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between food, wine and the celebrated chefs who have shaped this culinary haven.