Cheese and Wine for Valentines Day Tour

Delight in a VIP experience exploring Napa, Sonoma or Sausalito's best restaurants.

In one town, 3-hours and 4-farm-to-table-courses, you will be guided by a local storyteller on our 5-star, elegant walking tour. We are a wine tour as much as we are a food tour, accessing local varietals to pair with each gourmet offering.

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The best way to explore a destination is through your discerning palate

We have a passion for storytelling and creating elevating experiences that connect people through food & wine. Discover our towns through your good taste.

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The tour guides are very knowledgeable - but not snooty. I've been on a lot of tours, & it's always great when the guides make you feel welcome by simply being themselves (so you can be yourself). We loved our guides! The wine & food pairings are fantastic. We're all converted to "biodynamic wine ."
Jo, British Columbia ~Trip Advisor
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Private Tours Available

Relax and we will help you look like an event planner extraordinaire for your private event. Whether you select Napa, Sonoma, Sausalito or Tiburon - we promise to do all the hard planning for you. All you need to decide is what time frame works best for your team and if you would like to add gifts for the members of your group.


A portion of our profits benefits Jane Goodhall's Roots & Shoots Foundation

From each tour we lead, a percentage of the proceeds goes towards Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Foundation. We like that this non-profit works a little differently: though inspiring and empowering youth to take action and make a change in their own community.


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of food and wine

We tend to be creative types and cherish writing about the gems we discover throughout Northern California pertaining to food, wine, travel and the people that move it forward.

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We put food and wine walking tours where there were none to celebrate towns
with strong culinary vibes

Every morning each of us at Gourmet Food and Wine Tours wake up and pinch ourselves that we actually get to guide amazing guests from all over and share communities we have loved for over 100 years combined. Our guests are interesting people we come to know as friends by the end of the tour. In 3+ hours we share our love of chefs, restaurants, farming, history, art and more. We celebrate our towns that offer so much in the way of culture and hospitality. We love what we do!