Gourmet Food & Wine Tours- thinking outside of the box

Gourmet Food & Wine Tours put a twist on walking food tours by combining them with a wine tour. Most all the wines selected are from local wineries you can visit right after our tour. We want to bring back a sense of reverence and conviviality, making each restaurant stop an experience in and of itself. Through stories and education on topics like biodynamic farming, we create a flow with easy conversation leading us from one course to then next. With our progressive pairing meal, you'll never worry whether you are getting wine, you just always will, unless of course you opt out. Each pairing and stop is carefully orchestrated, building all the way to our chocolate dessert. One thing is for sure, you will come away enriched with knowledge about the area, knowledge about the food and wine that comes from it, and maybe even a few new friends.

US News & World Reports lists us among The 15 Best Foodie Tours in the USA

Meet The Founder

Renee ReBell

Experience Curator & Guide

Bay-area-born founder, Renee ReBell worked as an account manager for Wine.com when she broke into the wine industry seven years ago and has frequented our destinations for over 25 years. She launched GFWT with theĀ first food tour on the Sonoma Plaza in 2014. With her background in wine and her love of the area, Renee was convinced to start the tour so she could share what she knows and loves with visitors on a regular basis. Renee quickly expanded into each of her “happy places” in the Wine Country and Marin.


Meet The Team and Tour Guides!

Great food, wine and conversation led by passionate, authentic people in small groups are whats at the heart of our success and the core of our business

Tour Guide Arlene

Gourmet Guru, Arlene Pasquin

Favorite wine varietal is Cabernet Sauvingnon

Arlene's love of the area is apparent with her stories from Sonoma and Yountville's past. This gourmet cook & guide brought her homemade Chimichurri recipe to market and also works catering events.


Gourmet Guru, Vivian Richardson

Favorite wine is Sauvignon Blanc

Viv is an expert guide in each of our locations. She has worked in esteemed restaurants in SF & teaches cooking. She has owned her own catering business & can be found golfing when not in the kitchen.


Sonoma & Sausalito Guide, Drew ReBell

Favorite wine is Carmenere

Drew helped his mom create the Sonoma Tour by securing fantastic partners and collecting history. After traveling abroad, he decided he wanted to join the family business.