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Biodynamic Wines

Perfect Pairings from your Wine Country Trip

You came, you sipped, you purchased. Follow a few simple guidelines and you can be sure you’ll match the flavors of your culinary creations with the wine you loved enough to purchase and haul home. Our insider tips will have you pairing like a pro at a glance! These tips can also be used when planning your Wine Country visit to Sonoma or Napa in Northern California. Tip #1 Pair light with light Pork is a mild meat, so you want to stay away from rich, robust reds that will overpower its flavor. Look for a lighter-bodied, fruitier red, like Craig Colagrossi’s Pinot Noir out of Sonoma County. Colagrossi’s wines can be tasted on the Sonoma Plaza at The Sonoma Wine Shop as well as in his Windsor tasting room closer to the Russian River. It pairs nicely with the…

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June 4, 2017